Template projects and latency compensation off problem

I use Sonarworks Reference 3 (in addition to Waves NX) for my headphones. Since Reference 3 causes insane lag (and CPU usage) I only use it “sometimes”, because I also use other plugins with “subtle” effects I want to use the “latency compensation off” button for having low latency operation as well.

So in my template project this button is on. The state is saved and reproduced properly, no problem.

But the plugins which I want to be deactivated (> 1.0 ms of latency) are not deactivated, only after I click the button twice.

To reproduce:

  1. Set latency compensation limit of 1.0 ms in the preferences
  2. Put heavy latency plugin on control room bus
  3. Turn latency compensation off with that cute button in the lower left corner of the screen
  4. Heavy latency plugin is now off - as expected
  5. Save as template
  6. Create new project with that template
    7. Suddenly a wild bug occurs: the cute “latency compensation off” button is lit but the heavy latency plugin is turned on
  7. Click the latency button once: no change
  8. Click the latency button again: latency compensation off works as expected