Templates - all gone!

So today I opened Dorico Pro 4 and found that my templates for a current project had disappeared, completely. They’re not in the drop-down menu folder that they showed in every day since creating them, ,and they’re not in Application support/Steinberg/Dorico etc. Complete mystery - gone.

Created a new one to test and that has appeared both in the dropdown menu on re-opening Dorico, and also in the folder above. Very, very annoying.

That does seem weird, but you should be able to restore them from your backup.

Dorico itself has no functions to delete these files other than using the little menu in the top right-hand corner of the card for the template in the Hub, clicking Delete, and then confirming in the message box that appears that you really do want to delete them. So there’s no way that these can have gone missing from Dorico without some intervention from you.

Is it possible you’ve logged on with a different user account, and the templates are safely stored in your normal user account?

Nope, no other user account on this Mac, but I did have a couple of non-starting Dorico hangs that forced me to turn the computer off (couldn’t even access Force quit) so I’m thinking something odd happened there. I’ll keep an eye on it and back up the templates anyway, thanks.

Even if you force quit Dorico while it is starting up, there’s no way that this could result in the deletion of any file in your user-level application data folder.

Well that’s what I thought. But the fact is the Project templates were available and showing in the drop down “New from Project Template” - and then they weren’t. Very strange, and nowhere to be found on the drives searching for them. So it really is a mystery.