Templates and Articulations

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  1. Guys, is it possible to export a score I created for an ensemble (eg Navy Band) as a template for further use…with EVERY setting and HALion VST settings and FX sends etc saved to the template as well?

  2. Will it be possible to create a key press on my PC keyboards that “Refreshes” (turn off) the selections I made regarding staccato, accents, tenuto, marcato etc. Everything that goes on top of a note. It will be much quicker inputting notes when I, eg selected (turned on) the accent and staccato…then enter the note…and cancel the articulation election all at ONCE, instead one-by-one? That would also speed note entry up quite a bit.

  3. Regarding HALion VST…the interface…is everything the VST has to offer available for us to use. I’m referring to all those sends and effects or can we only use the FX and sends that is found in Dorico’s mixer?

  4. I read somewhere that we have a “watered down” version of HALion Symphonic Orchestra. Is this true?..because Steinberg’s website advertises that we get the full version of HALion Symphonic Orchestra. :wink:

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is it possible to export a score I created for an ensemble (eg Navy Band) as a template for further use

see this thread: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=107093

  1. You can use HALion Sonic SE’s internal FX if you wish instead of, or as well as the bundled FX and your own ones in the Dorico mixer.
  2. It’s the full HSO, as far as I’m aware. Note that it’s preferable to use the HSO patches in HALion Sonic SE rather than in the HSO plugin itself (which is basically just HALion with a different skin).

Thank you so much, guys. Paul…if you don’t mind me needing a bit more explanation…

Will Dorico save the settings (tweaks) I make in the HALion plugin with the score? I suppose it won’t be needed to do these tweaks every time I open the score. :confused:

Here I AM confused. It looks to me like the SAME thing. Isn’t choosing patches IN HALion Sonic SE (the plugin?) and HSO plugin itself BOTH making use of the PLUGIN? Or, did you mean by the former it is preferable to choose the patches IN DORICO rather choosing from the HALion plugin itself? Sorry, my friend, I don’t get this one. :open_mouth:

I found a menu setting in the “VIEW” menu in Dorico - “Reset Appearance”. Will THIS setting ENFORCE Dorico’s “Gold Standard” formatting on my score and parts. I don’t mean this sarcastically, but I AM excited about the concept that Dorico was to be designed with this prowess.

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Yes it will. Unlike Sibelius’s model, the plugin data is saved in the project

They are pretty much the same thing, but Dorico picks a combination of patches, since of which may not be in HSO (eg piano, some brass, and all non-orchestral instruments). This must be done in HALion Sonic SE if you want Dorico to manage it. If you want to load your own choice of sounds and plugins then you can use whatever you want. However I don’t think there’s any advantage to using the separate HSO plugin.

Yes, I suppose that’s one interpretation of its role. More specifically though, it’s useful when you’ve imported a MusicXML file that has lots of things specified in it. If you choose this option then Dorico can make its own decisions about how to format the score.