Templates and stability....

I’ve read somewhere on this forum they create more “corrupt/invalid” Cubase project files.
Is this true? Please let me know


would it be possible to add your system specs in your signature (you can do this in your MySteinberg account)

Regarding your questions here at the forums: could you please expand your questions a bit ?



Thanks Chris

Well a great deal of my projects became corrupted. I have since reinstalled my OS Drive clean and fresh. I had always started projects from a template I had created. I read somewhere (I think on this forum) that projects built from templates were less stable.

Since reinstalling my OS, i have been started projects without a template. Things do seem to be working better, but I am not sure the reason for this.

So basically, can you please let me know if there has been any reason to suggest starting a project from a custom template made by the user, would increase the chances of a corrupt project file, or be more prone to crashing.


The issue was using templates created on previous versions caused problems for some.

looks like convolution reverbs (reverence or sir2) and soundtoys devil-deluxe can cause unstability and crash of cubase 6.0.2 (6.0.3)

hmmm… thanks guys

well im gonna create a new template on 6.0.3 and leave off FX, just have the tracks…

if those plugs cause issues, im sure they cant just be the only ones…

I use templates a great deal and don’t get corrupt files, knock on wood. A few questions:

  1. Do you use the Mac Optical out? There is something fishy between the optical out and 10.68
  2. Has this happened only on 10.68? I haven’t updated for the reason above
  3. Do you use auto-save? If so, are your backup files corrupt as well?
  4. Are you using Cubase in 64 bit mode and using any 32 bit plug ins that instantiate the VST bridge?