Templates and VEPRO

Trying to get my head around how Dorico templates work with VEPRO but not having much luck. (First of all, not using any variety of Halion libraries.) All 3rd party libraries reside in VEPRO. Each of 3 VEPRO instance have only 1 MIDI port and about 14 channels. In Dorico there are 3 VST instruments connecting to the corresponding VEPRO instances. Then in Dorico 3 Endpoint Configurations were setup for Strings, Winds and Percussion each complete with Expression Maps. Next a template was created which included all 3 of the Endpoint Configurations. In Dorico several instruments were created using exactly the same Player and Instrument names as in VEPRO with several referencing each of the 3 VEPRO instances. The results when the template was applied were not as hoped for: In Dorico only the 1st VEPRO instance was created and all instruments were assigned to that VEPRO instance, In Dorico all the channel numbers were from 1 to xx and not as specified in VEPRO. I must be doing something wrong, but what?

I can’t really provide any detailed help on this because I don’t personally have VE Pro or any means to try it out, but check which instruments are detailed in the endpoint configuration for the first instance of VE Pro. Dorico will have a good reason for assigning all of the instruments in your project to that first instance, so check to see what it might be.

Perhaps this post can help you.

Hi Gil75,
As I have BBCSO Pro and the BBCSO Pro Templates and I tried your procedure. I am getting a bit confused about “Template” as there is BBSO Pro Template.dorico and also in Play >-Playback Templates a template named “BBCSO Pro”. There is also a BBCSO-Dorico.vesp64 file for VEPRO which has all the instruments. So if the BBCSO-Dorico.vesp64 is loaded into VEPRO and the BBCSO Pro Template.dorico is loaded into Dorico, it seems I done. The xmaps are already present for the VSTs. What would be the purpose of Play >=Playback Templates >=BBCSO be for. Guess I’m not really understanding what that does.