Templates by separate sections, or full orchestra


Up to now, I’ve created my orchestral templates by separate sections. One for VSL VI Woodwinds, one for VSL VI Strings, one for VSL Synchron Strings, one for VSL Synchron Brass – and so on.

The advantage of this solution is that the file is light. The disadvantage is the need to repeat editing of the playing techniques and playback techniques for each section.

I’m managed to make the nomenclature of my techniques coherent between the various sections and libraries. So, at this point I could blend everything, and be able to only edit techniques once. The file will become bigger, but still as manageable as a full orchestra piece.

I would therefore end with a separate template only for each series of sounds. Something like this:

  • a template for VSL Vienna Instrument libraries
  • a template for VSL SYNCHRON-ized libraries (including some VI ones for completion)
  • a template for VSL SYNCHRON libraries (including some SYzd and VI ones for completion)
  • a template for OT Berlin Orchestra (including other libraries for completion)

Would it work? Will I have issues, when using or editing them?