Templates don't remember Graphics Export Folders

I really like the function, that I can save the folders for the export of Graphics (PDF). It would jut be so great to save that in a template too. Is there any way for that?

Best regards


Do you mean the location chosen for graphics export in Print mode? Those paths are indeed saved in the project, so if you have preferred locations for graphics export, set them for each layout in Print mode before you export your project template.

Hmm, I did that, but it doesn’t work…

Nope, tried it again, doesn’t work…

Right, yes, I see. We’re applying a fix-up step to reset the print options. I’ve made a note of this and we’ll investigate changing this when we get a chance.

Thanks. That would be super! The Folder export option is such a great feature. It would be so nice, to habe it already in the template.

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