Templates Folder

Hi guys
Where is user templates folder on my drive? I am a Mac user.
I can find the templates folder in the steinberg application but the user ones do not appear to be stored in the same place.
Actually why i am on this subject where does cubase store any presets i create?

I use Cubase Artist 7 :mrgreen:

~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 7/Project Templates/

~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 7/Presets/

VST presets mostly ~/Library/Audio/

All preferences ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 7/

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Splendid, thank you :laughing:

Just checked the Libarary/Preferences folder. There is no Cubase 7 folder in there. Any other ideas? :frowning:

It’s not Library/Preferences

It’s exactly


the ‘~’ represents ‘user home directory’

The full path is ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 7/Project Templates/

Why would I steer you wrong? :wink:

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see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2549

HI again
I have now found the folder. What you failed to tell me was i needed to make hidden folders visible.
All ok now however - Hope this is of help to others :laughing:

Thanx for your help :smiley:

You gotta be kidding.

This whole “user folders” structure of Cubase is a big mess. Keycommands, VST presets, Track presets Projects presets are totally spread all over the harddisks and all on different places on every different OS.

Please make ONE Folder with ALL user settings for easy backup please…

But that’s not so. All user prefs and presets for the program are in one directory, including everything you have mentioned. For Mac see above in this thread, for Windows it’s %appdata%/Steinberg/

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@Steve, it’s in a Hidden folder that causes a lot of confusion and also all system specific settings are there.

The hidden folder is a good place for system specific stuff (plugin,mediabay,devices.etc…) but all user stuff is expected in the regular “my Documents” folder or better,… a custom folder.

Not even talking about the “Additional content” I’m still trying to organize the old LM1, Halion5, and all other old libraries between systems…

It’s the OS that decides that, and software developers are following the standards of the OS for which they are coding, so really you’re asking the question in the wrong place.