Templates with custom braketing

Hi there, I am trying to save a template with specific bracketing. I have a 3 layout orchestral sketch system that I have divised. Basically, the first layout (the Sketch layout )is 5 grand staves (wws, brs, mallet perc, choir, and strings). The next layout (the Integrated layout) has a gigantic score with every combination of instruments (i.e., picc, solo flute, solo alto flute, flute section, etc.). What I like to do is copy/paste things from the reduction layout into this massive layout for orchestration options. Then I move to the third layout (the Full score layout) which hides any blank staves and completely omits the sketch staves, leaving me with essentially a proper looking score. ANYWAY, the brackets on the sketch layout look perfect, but when I try to save this as a template, both the integrated and full score layouts lose their brackets (and I really put a lot of care into getting them just how I want them). Is there a workaround for this or is a Work In Progress? Thanks!

Bracket and brace change items that you create at the start of the flow will only be preserved in the project template if you activate the Preserve flows option in the Save as Project Template dialog. If you don’t have any flows in your templates, there’s no way for Dorico to save your custom brackets and braces.

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That did it! Thank you