Hey guys,
I was wondering what you use for a production template? I’m going to be making one tonight for electronic music and it occurred to me I haven’t made one in a while but it could be a serious time saver with a project I’m working on. Do you work with group channels and folders preset (ie, drums already EQ’d/panned a certain way in folders and grouped with sends) or do you start from scratch every project?

Thanks, and hi again (I used to be a member of that old Cubase forum from Cubase SX)…

i use channel presets alot and organise them into folders, i bounce audio fx (sidechain noise) risers etc.

i also have FX channel presets that have plugin already set up to accomplish a desire sound, i load these, drop a piece of audio, automate a section and bounce out.

in addition i have a naming scheme (channel presets dont save send :frowning: ) to link send to channel presets.

hope this helps…for ME…templates aren’t great as it too easy to have similar sounding mixes, arrangements.

look into channel presets…they’re good is what i’m trying to get at.