Temple Block Trouble

Hey, all!
I’m having an issue with the Temple Blocks in my score. I’ve assigned the Temple Blocks instrument in setup, assigned playback to Garritan World/China/Temple Blocks, and it appears fine in my score (Grid with Tb 1-5) and in engraving. My issue is, when I create a percussion group-i.e. Percussion 1 and assign TempleBlocks/Triangle/Tambourine, the Temple Blocks part displays as a standard 5-line staff in the newly created part. Any ideas as to what I’m missing?
Temple Blocks abnormal
Temple Blocks normal

And, is it possible to change the TB staff order so that 1 (lowest block) is on the bottom? I’ve used the edit percussion kit for the Temple Blocks player, but the lowest block (1) is always on top. I’d like the low block to be on the bottom.



this happens to me from time to time as well. I usually just disregard playback and out the notes where I want them.

The issue could be to do with the Percussion Map assigned to that kit i.e. each temple block is being told to trigger the wrong sound.

Thanks. I’ll continue to tweak😏 The regular 5- line staff that appears in the new percussion 2 part doesn’t allow any not entry except from the top line to C in the staff. I don’t understand why the temple blocks display correctly- with the grid labeled Temple blocks 1-5- in the score AND the individual Temple block part, but shows only as a regular staff when combined in the new Percussion 2 player.
Update: I went into change the percussion kit presentation type of my new Percussion 2 part, changed it to grid, and-voila! Apparently, in creating a new ‘player’ in percussion 2, I need to set the presentation type for the new part separately. Anyway, it displays correctly now. Thanks!