Tempo across flows

When playing through flows, it is necessary to mark tempo at the beginning of each. It would be nice to be able to use L’istesso tempo (and other relative tempo markings) to mean use the tempo relative to the tempo at the end previous flow. Otherwise, if you want to change the tempo on an entire piece by just changing the tempo at the beginning of flow, then you need to do this for all flows. This is cumbersome.

I’m not sure I think it is a good idea to allow Dorico to take the initial tempo of one flow from the previous one. Flows are independent by design.

If flows are independent by design why is it possible to set the playback gap between flows to 0? I really don’t understand the intent of flows if they can’t be dependent on each other. I get that it might be useful in some cases for them to not be, but I think it is also very useful for them to be dependent.

If not this then would you consider a global tempo slider for which any relative tempo can be dependent on (optionally of course).

“Attacca subito”, for one reason.

But apart from that, if you can change the playback gap at all, what should the minimum be? 1 second? 0.1seconds? 1/44100 second, if that is your audio sampling rate? Since it doesn’t make much sense for the playback to overlap, 0 seems the obvious cutoff value to me.

I was just describing one example where a flow is dependent on the previous one. Extending that to tempo dependencies seems to make sense for the same reason.

I would think that replicating the tempo indication and then hiding it would be a suitable solution for the time being.

I get how to work around this. And I’m fine with that for the time being.

Now let’s talk about the utility of such a feature. Consider a piece with 24 flows. I’m working on such a piece. It’s a piece with 24 variations. I chose to implement this in Dorico using flows so that I could see the advantages of using flows and to see if there are any pitfalls. Each variation in the score has a tempo marking that is relative to the previous tempo. It shows an absolute tempo at the beginning of the score. Now I could build this with a single flow. That would work. Or I can build it using a flow for each variation. Sounds just like something that flows are designed for. But wait… if you want to change the tempo in one place you need to manually alter it everywhere unless relative tempo works across the flows.

So anyway. Just an idea that I would find useful. If it’s not deemed useful by the developers that’s fine too. I can deal.