Tempo Analysis?


I’ve read in several reviews that the C6 Wave Editor can now (like Live) determine the tempo from a part (by analysing the transients) and then set the MIDI tempo to that.

But I can’t figure out how to do it. I’m not interested in anything elaborate… I just want to import a WAV file (an old song) with a fixed tempo and sync bar 1, beat 1 with the WAV —as one can easily do in Live.

So, what;s the trick? Sorry if this is a total noob question. I’m a long time user, but I’ve never spent much time in the audio editor—all the hit point detection stuff was just too much for me head.

Is there a step-by-step instruction somewhere?



Anyone? :cry:

I’m new to Cubase, so I apologize in advance since my knowledge is limited, but there are two ways I can think of that will enable you to achieve what you want. The easiest method is using the new Tempo Detection Tool found in Cubase 6. Here’s a video showing how to use it:


I’ve used it a few times and it works great when you have a track with a steady (or somewhat steady) tempo. Then, if something is not aligning perfectly, you can grab the TimeWarp Tool to make fine adjustments.

The other way to do it, and this only works when you have a track that’s been recorded to a steady metronome beat, is using the Beat Calculator tool under the Project menu to tap the tempo manually. Set the first beat of the track to beat one, insert the calculated tempo in the Tempo Track and you’re done. You may need to make adjustments in the Inspector but it’s a pretty easy process. Of course the first method above is probably the easiest.



  1. How embarrassing… I’ve been looking in the wrong place and it was hiding in plain sight. THANKS! I’ve been prejudiced because (and if you’re new to Cubase you have no idea) this sort of thing used to take -hours-. Hit Points and ‘Warp’ were so fiddly for -years-. I got so frustrated I just stopped even trying… I never thought they’d get this right.

  2. If this video is for real, three cheers for Steinberg! What’s nice is that it look -intuitive- the way they finally integrated the tempo map and the hit points like that. Not only nice that it’s one button, but then you can tweak it easily. COOL!

Thanks so much. Made my month with Cubase!


Well, I’m gald I was able to help. This was one of the features that got me into Cubase 6, so it was among the first things I tried and it does work well. The only time I noticed it not working well was with rubato music and such. But it at least gets it withing range, which makes it easier to tweak using the TimeWarp tool. BTW, if you thought Cubase was bad, try Sonar…lol.

Take care!