Tempo and other messages positioning for Piano

On the grounds that if I ask for something I invariably find that it’s already available… :wink:

There a great deal of customisation for tempo and other messages in the Engrave menu, but I can’t seem to find the one I’m after - to position the message between the piano staves and change the font setting (it’s invariably italic). The attached example gives an indication of such messages.

While I’m at it, are braces that tie different lyrics together (also in the example), and lyrics that lie halfway between two sets (i.e. at position 1.5) available?

At the moment, there’s no option to show tempo on every staff and as italic text, I’m afraid. This is indeed needed – as I’m sure you know it’s often used in choral music as well – but it’s not available at the moment. I would be inclined to insert tempo in the usual way and set it not to show anything via properties, then add text items to provide the correct appearance.

Dorico cannot show braces for lyrics, but you can easily enough add one as a text item.

Thanks Daniel.