Tempo AND Quantization

I have two questions.

  1. The playback Tempo is 10 bpm faster than I typed in. It’s written 134bpm, but Dorico plays about 144bpm. Why is that and how can I solve it?

  2. The midi notes I recorded with the midi keyboard are not quantized. I tried it with “Wiedergabeabweichung zurücksetzen” (in German). But I can’t mark ALL notes. So I have to go through every single instrument and every single bar. Is there a short way to quantize ALL notes at once?

Thanks for your help!

  1. Check your metronome icon at the top right. Is it blue, or grey? If it’s grey, click on it to turn it blue, which will make it follow the score tempo markings. Alternatively, have you written in tempo changes to the time track using the edit tools?

  2. Do you mean the playback timing is not precise? Try “Select All” in Write mode, then in Play mode, Reset Playback Overrides.

PS: welcome to the forum.

Has your pitch been affected slightly too? If so, and if Dan’s solution does not work, it may be that your audio device sample rate needs resetting to be compatible between driver and sound card. Sometimes one gets reset from 44.1K to 48K.

thanks for the quick respond and welcoming to the forum!

  1. I deleted some notes in another bar and the the problem was solved. I absolutely don’t know what happened.

  2. “Select all” doesnt work. Also shortcut cmd A doesn’t work…

I checked it, thanks. Problem was solved by accident… Maybe also happend by accident…

Found a solution, but I think that’s kind of a “bug”.
I clicked on one note, then clicked several times “shift-cmd-A”. Then all notes were selected.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature! :sunglasses:

That’s “Select More.” It’s handy.

Haha, yes I read that. But “Select all” doesn’t work, that’s what I meant. :wink:

Make sure you’re in Write mode before you try to type Ctrl+A (Windows) or Command-A (macOS) to select all.