Tempo/Arranger/Marker tracks in S1

The last days I tried out S1 out of curiosity. Altough there is no intention to switch program, I have seen some really convenient features I liked and it would be absolutely great to have these also in cubase (aside from the tabbed plugin view, which is obviously a winner).
The menu where you can show/hide tempo/arranger/marker/etc.

By just one click on the tempo button or the marker button the tracks show up, and stay in this fixed position even if you’re scrolling down your tracklist. By another click they will hide again. It is really a good concept!

You can sought of already do this with a key command and the ‘Divide Track List’ feature. The little / on the right of the project view.
Place your Tempo, Arranger, Marker tracks at the top of the your project then set up a key command for ‘Divide Track List’.
Cubase automatically puts these tracks in the upper section anyway, regardless of where they are placed within your project.
I don’t see a real need to hide them altogether. IMHO they should always be readily accessible. :wink:

Yeah i know of that feature, but that does not work that well in my opinion.

  1. you can’t move a tempo track in there if you already have one
  2. The size of the diveded window is not automatically sized to the number of tracks I put in, in addition I can scroll in there, so if my mouse is focused in that window accidentally, i scroll down and cannot see the first 1-2 tracks anymore. It feels really messy.
  3. if I adjust the tempo track height in he divided list, (lets say to make it better visible for tempo changes) the size of the divided window remains the same, so I always have to adjust track and then the window. Thats not a fast and convinient workflow…

Agreed. It could be better.

Maybe I misread but the tempo track can as you say not be moved. However, you can move other tracks around it which is the other way of moving the Tempo track …
A workaround of course.

+1 A very useful feature to have.

It’s clumsy and often fiddly in Cubase in its current state.