Tempo but Audio still responding

Hi All
Yes I have read many of the threads in regards to this.

  • I have simply recording an acoustic band eg cajon, guitar etc into a cubase (5.5 pro W10) session
    I now need to apply tap tempo using a recorded midi track.
    Audio tracks are set to timebase
    Audio files in pool have musical unticked

I apply ‘Merge tempo from tapping’ and the function appies correctly but all the audio tracks move around to fit the tempo???

What? It should be so simple so Im not sure whats happening but any suggestions greatly welcomed

Quick tip which is not explained in the manual and causes grief. Before applying merge tempo function it seems you have to either use warp tool or apply snap point to cursor and move the audio to start at a bar marker first otherwise its a mess.

For really important sessions, I just use waves tracks as its NEVER crashed and is so rock solid as well as I can put it on a bare bones machine and still works great for location work; then import the session into a template and voila…trouble free …except until you get to mapping tempo.