Tempo = ca. dot missing


When I want to write an approximate tempo, Dorico no longer puts a dot behind the “ca.” as it used to do in earlier versions. I don’t see an option to enable or disable the dot in engraving options either. Please bring back the dot as it looks like a typo if it is missing. :smile:
dorico circa dot

I believe that is correct as displayed, because “ca” are the first and last letters. “Circa.”


Omitting the full stop is specifically British style, and reads wrong to Americans. It’s not “kah”, it’s circa. Not fair to impose this style on everyone.

Yet, the engraving option has “ca.” with dot written below it.
So I think, the dot is missing unintentionally.

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No, the dot is not missing unintentionally, but I can see that we will probably end up having to add another option here to satisfy everybody.

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That would be great, thank you. I am pretty sure, it was possible to have “ca.” in Dorico 4… In Dorico 5, the properties panel has only presets to chose from for the approximation. I think it would be handy to also have an option to enter a custom text for the approximate prefix.

How do you actually insert “ca” in to Dorico. Every time I try, it does not print the type of note that I put in. I will enter (q = ca 96) and that’s just what comes out. The q is never turned into an actual quarter note. I’d appreciate any help. Thanks

Enter the tempo as normal (q=96) then set the is approximate property in the lower panel…

Wow! Thanks!!

Yeah, that’s right and “everybody” meaning also other languages than english, because in german the dot is mandatory …