Tempo change affect VCA fader position!

Does anybody noticed that when you have few channel linked to a VCA fader and then you change the tempo, all of linked channel’s faders/volumes are going completely down to infinite position. There are no automation at all on any of those channels. I removed link to VCA from them and change the tempo - all volumes stayed the same, unaffected.
Is there something specific with VCA faders that is linked to tempo change?

And by the way. How can I delete VCA fader? Once it’s get unlinked it’s staying in mixer.

I have the same issue!

Same here. There are lots of bugs with the new VCA faders, please Steinberg do something as soon as possible. I just ruined 6 hours of mixing in a second. Very frustrating.

This is a MAJOR issue, I am amazed by it, and I am in a complete dead end here, need help immediately. At the beginning I thought maybe I did something wrong with the linking, but after setting up an empty project realized that this is probably a bug, unless I do something wrong, which I can’t get my head round right now. I just set up a new project, created few audio tracks, linked them to a VCA fader, and as soon as I try to change the tempo, no matter what, it changes the volume of whatever is linked to a VCA. I think this happens only on what is shown on Mixer 1, I am not sure about this, but a have a VCA fader linked on all my master outputs on Mixer 3 and those do not change. I have a project which I’ ve been working for 30 days, mixed it for 6 hours to get it to a client, and I thought I’ll try running it 2bpm faster, and ruined completely the mix… I can’t believe this is not an issue for a lot of people, unless is a setting or something I do wrong, please help… I need to change tempo in my project. Unlinking VCA’s is not an option right now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you… for fixing this… Great work!!!


I also just had this problem.
All VCA faders change to what level you have on the master vca automation at the cursor when you change the tempo.
This has to be fixed asap!

Another similar VCA fader issue exists, last discussed 2018 in a different subject on this forum and still not fixed in Cubase 10.5.12
Each time I reload my song project, the volumes for each VCA fader in relation to each other change since saving!
The workaround apparently is every time you save the project, ensure that the transport position is before the the VCA channels first automation data!
Who is willing to risk to remember to do that??? Forget the once and you’re back to more or less restarting your mix!!
I will go through the exercise to scrap VCA faders in my current project and use groups.
The only downside I know of with groups (vs VCA FADERS) is the sends to the reverb on Stereo Out channel will still be heard when group fader is zeroised, suppose have to automate the sends to workaround that.

Same issue here with VCA and Tempo track in Cubase 10.5.20. I had to unlink all VCAs to edit tempo track…very fustrating. VCAs like that are unuseful. I will use group tracks instead now. When will we have a fix for that, does anyone knows ?