Tempo Change and Musical Mode [Resolved]

This does not happen often, but I need to change the tempo of a project slightly.

I know that to accomplish this every audio event has to be set to ‘Musical’ mode. I have done it before.

Unfortunately, this project has hundreds of events in it (lots of drop-ins and duplicate tracks) which will take forever to set to Musical mode.

Is there a quick global way that this can be done? For example - ‘Set all audio in project to musical mode’, or ‘select all audio events and set them to musical mode’.

I though that it might be possible from the Pool, and on page 588 of the English user manual it states that there is a ‘Musical Mode’ column there, but I am looking at the Pool screen right now and that column does not exist (N8.1.10).

Any suggestions would be much appreciated (apart from ‘don’t change the tempo’ of course) :slight_smile:

You have to make the Musical Mode column visible from the View/Attributes drop down menu.

OK, got it. Thanks.

However, a related issue:

When I click in any of the Musicalc Mode boxes to either add an [X] or remove one [ ], the associated audio file seems to disappear from the list.

Is this normal?
Where do they go to?

I think it is normal - it probable relates to unused audio files.

And - it is possible to globally toggle ‘Musical Mode’ in the Pool.

Sort of related question…

I never noticed this before (usually don’t make tempo changes at all…)

I just changed the tempo in a project with automation data (in group tracks) and everything changed on time with the tempo BUT NOT THE AUTOMATION DATA - which stayed in the original positions, thus in completely the wrong place.

Is there an option somewhere to get automatic data to move with the project when tempo is changed?

Check the time base for the track.

Of Course! Obvious! The fact is, I looked on the Group tracks to see if there was a timebase button, and there wasn’t, it never occurred to me it was hidden… I sort of assumed Group tracks wouldn’t have a timebase button.



One thing I have noticed is that any changes made in Melodyne do not follow subsequent project tempo changes, unless there is a setting somewhere to fix this.