Tempo Change Audio Issues

This has been a really bad problem forever now and it has still not been addressed.
I do Trailers and have many sudden tempo changes.
Whenever there’s an audio file (cymbal swell etc) crossing over the tempo change and the Cursor passes over the tempo change the Audio file Pops as if there was a problem with it (which there isn’t).
When I remover the tempo change this does not occur.
Tempo changes are a necessity and this issue is a serious problem because I can’t print the cue without pops every time it crosses over a tempo change. This does not happen in Logic, DP or pro tools.

What’s up Steinberg? Can you please look into this?

I am using Windows at the moment and can’t test this on Mac- I couldn’t repro what you said on my machine.

I have though heard of this happening, and in that case it turned out to be a Kontakt VSTi track that was the cause.

Can you repro this in a project with just one audio track and a tempo track and nothing else in the project?

My Kontakt has come tempo synced instruments loaded but they are not playing.
If I disable Kontakt this issue goes away.
The problem is that if I bounce the tempo synced instrument to Audio I get the Popping at the tempo change.
This is definitely a Cubase issue since this behavior does not occur in DP, Logic or Pro Tools.
Tempo changes are essential, especially in Film Scoring so this Issue is a big Problem


Being new to Cubase Pro 8, I have been going through the learning curve. I have a tempo problem which I will try to describe and would appreciate some help. I’ll use a simple example as an illustration. Let’s say I have a 10 measure long song with 2 audio tracks. Each audio track has an imported audio file (wav) in it, and the 2 tracks are in “sync” and the timing is fine between these 2 instruments. Track 1’s audio is 5 measures long, starting at measure 1. Track 2’s audio file is 2 measures long, starting at measure 6. I want to reduce the tempo from measure 4 to measure 9 from 140 to 130. When I do this, these 2 measures are no longer in sync. So I think my question is - does the length of ALL audio in this song have to start before measure 4 and extend beyond measure 9 for these 2 tracks to stay in sync when I change the tempo? I have to believe this is a common problem that I do not have experience with (yet). If none of this is clear I can post a screen capture if it helps. Thanks for your feedback on this!

I’ve got the same issue here… Tempo changes cause the tracks to pop at the precise moment of the change. You can also hear the pop on the exported tracks! I use Cubase Pro 8 on Windows…

Has anyone a solution? Thanks

No answers hence no solutions. Steinberg is good at that

Any progress on this? I have just had this issue.

This is a nearly 5-year-old thread. You should post in the current version forum.