Tempo change causes Logical Editor to fail

I have a Logical Editor function that I use to move the start of a note 10ms later or earlier, but leaving the end of the note where it is. It works perfectly until I hit a tempo change. After that, the notes move both ends, so that the end position and the start position are altered. However, the notes before the tempo change still behave as expected. Has anyone else seen this?


I haven’t seen this (but haven’t done this specific function). If you can post the LE config (pm is fine too), I will test it later this weekend.

I can probably figure it out, but for sake of accurate testing, I would need the same preset setup to sort out whether it’s a filter or action step that stops working after the tempo change.

Thanks. I won’t be in the studio until Monday, but I’ll post it then.


B Shows the notes at one tempo then another. The first note is at 120 the second is at 60.

C Shows the LE that is applied. It shrinks and adds to the position of the notes, effectively shrinking the LHS.

D Shows the first problem. The note at the slower tempo moves 10ms more than the other.

(To be continued…)


E Shows the other scenario, where the LHS should be extended by 10ms.

F Shows the same error happening (slower tempo moves 10ms too much) but also the length of the first is 5ms shy of expected.



Confirmed. At 120 BPM the first moves 10ms. At 60 BPM the second moves 20ms. I didn’t see the 5ms length change but at least the position change bug is obvious.

At 150 bpm and 50 bpm I get an 8 ms move for the first and 25ms for the second. I think the LE is incorrectly scaling time-based values with tempo. 10ms should be 10ms.

By the way - this only happens if the track is in Musical mode. Works as expected in Linear mode

Thanks for confirming. Of course for most MIDI work, Linear is useless. :wink: