Tempo Change Cursor Movement

So I might be along here, but before when you adjusted the tempo the cursor would stay locked to the timecode position, but move in relation to the bars. This was very useful in film scoring because you could adjust the tempo to hit a point in the movie where the cursor was. Now in 8.5 I notice the cursor stays stationary relative to the bar, also as a result is a bit glitchy when adjustments are made on large templates. I saw on some threads that people complained about it moving, so I guess there are good reasons for both. Is there a way to choose whether it remains fixed to bar or timecode?


Couldn’t you do this with the Time Warp tool?

This depends on what the primary time display domain you have set in the Transport (and Ruler I think)

Not really. The cursor always stays at the Bars & Beats position now, while changing the tempo.

Only when the Main Time Display is set to Bars and Beats.

No… Always in Cubase 8.5.15 on my system here. :wink:

Try with the ruler to set to Time Linear. :smiley: This is also what the OP needs to do to get the previous behavior back.

thanks for the responses. I did try setting to Time Linear, but once you start editing the tempo it automatically switches back to Bars and Beats and you get this error message “For proper tempo editing the display has been switched to tempo linear mode”.

I’ve been experimenting more with the time warp tool and I can get similar results, just one more tool and step.

Oh, of course! The time domain does switch when you edit the the tempo, and then the cursor is back to sticking with the bar. I put 2 and 2 together and got 17 when I recommended that. :blush:

I agree with changing this back - it was more useful in the previous behaviour than it is sticking with bars and beats. At least give us the option!

If you are editing tempo nodes in the Project window, then yes, this has changed your workflow. But in other cases if you set the ruler to Time Linear (right-click on the ruler) the old behavior is still there.

I am indeed editing tempo nodes in the main project window - it was extremely useful when working to video. Currently, the workaround is to place a MIDI region at the hitpoint in the video, change that track to samples rather than musical mode and use that as a visual cue. It’d be easier if Steinberg just switched in back to the old behaviour - I’m not sure what the benefit is really of the switch?

The benefit for me comes when I want to change the tempo when I am writing or when transcribing a recording, to give a couple examples. Now, changing the tempo doesn’t have to require a moment of looking for the cursor.

I just updated from 7.5 to 9.5, and I discover this problem.
With this new behaviour of the cursor (staying at his position when changing the tempo) I’m not able to do any sync of music on video using tempo changes. It’s catastrophic. How do other people ??
Does somebody know if now in 9.5 (2 years after the last post) we have the choice of the behaviour of the cursor ??? I didn’t find any clue.

If I don’t have this feature anymore, I only have 2 bad choices : come back to 7.5, or leave Cubase.