tempo change in audioclip

Is it possible in Cubase to to make a tempo change in an audio-clip ? (with out changing the pitch).
I am aware of the times-stretch tool but it only changes to a static tempo. I would like to make fall/increase in tempo.

Dr Tolle

Sure. Check the manual of your used software for musical mode.

Musical mode is cool. however, I was thinking more towards something like a timestretch tool where I could draw in timestretch curve on the related audio clip - similar to the pitch curve menu (ref. attached pic)

Dr Tolle

There’re two ways:

  1. Set tempo for the audio clip. Then change to musical mode. Adjust tempo in your tempo track so the audio follows. Render audio clip into new file (e.g. edit -> render in place). Reset tempo changes
  2. Double click audio clip so you can edit it. On the left side select audio warp. Place markers in your wave, then drag them around to stretch the samples between to markers

Thanks for the answer. Thats also pretty much how I decided to do it or at least step 1.
And I got my tempo change done quite well in 1 step.

I am not sure I understand what step 2 would do -, as I see it, you can not make tempo changes with audiowarp ? (eg tempo starts at 120 and drops to 100 over a period of time)

Dr Tolle :wink: