Tempo change keeping abs. time of later events

I have a fixed audio track (narration) that I’m writing some music to. I’m trying to work in sections so I already have some music in the middle synced up. Now I want to set a tempo for an earlier part but can’t figure out how to do it without putting the later stuff out of sync.

I think I get that I can’t do it in one step (I’ll have to re-adjust the later stuff somehow) but I still can’t really figure out any way to get the notes in the middle part aligned with beats and at the same time keep it in sync with the “linear time” fixed audio track.

I’ve tried “time warp” and that looks promising but I then end up creating a bunch of bars at the right tempo and at least one really long (5 BPM) beat, as it compensated for the increased tempo with decreased tempo after the warp point.

I feel like “Process Tempo” may be of some use as well, but that’s either doing nothing or something I don’t fully understand (the documentation is not great on that feature.)

Anyone got any ideas?

Use the tempo track.

Option 1: Right click and select add track and then add tempo track

Option 2: Press Control+T to open the tempo track editor.

That’s a good solution … if you only read the first two words of the thread title :slight_smile:

Is your narration track in Linear Time Base? You said “fixed” but do you mean “Linear Time Base?” I’m not clear on that.

Someone may know exactly what to do here. I’m not sure. Perhaps working with an Arranger Track would be useful? Create Arranger Track Segments and set Tempos for the segments then flatten the arrangement to a New Project?