Tempo Change On Audio Tracks With Gaps

Hi. I have multiple audio tracks in Cubase 8.5 Pro which are sliced and diced audio samples with lots of empty gaps between them. When I try doing a tempo change in the tempo track all the separate tracks get out of sync and it’s a mess. My theory for this issue is that I have to precisely fill all the empty spaces between audio samples in each track with “something” (silent audio?) to enable everything to stay in sync. First, is my theory correct? And second, if so, how do I fix this?

An “unprepared” audio track whose tempo track changes while it is playing will become out of sync, even a single one alone (showing the gaps are not necessary for that to happen).

Take a look in the index for “Set Definition From Tempo” if the tempo track is doing anything but being brought uniformly up or down across the whole track.

But of all you’re doing is overall adding or subtracting some beats per minute, you could just put all your audio into Musical MODE (don’t confuse that with Musical TIMEBASE) before changing the tempo track.

Hope this helps get you started!