Tempo Change Problems with Musical Mode

Hello all,

I have been having issues with tempo changes in audio events when musical mode and the tempo track are activated simultaneously:

Open blank project.

Add audio track.

Set project tempo.

Import audio piece with the same tempo.

Activate musical mode for the track.

After one measure, split the audio.

Delete first measure.

Drag remaining audio to beginning of project.

In the tempo track editor drop the tempo drastically after 4 measures.

The change happens one measure before the cursor reaches the drop in the editor!! Without musical mode activated, this doesn’t happen. Is this normal?

When I delete silence in some of my recorded pieces, tempo changes happen at the same place in the audio as it would before I deleted the part. So for instance if I make a tempo change at measure 13 for two measures after trimming the silence for eight measures, the tempo change occurs at measures 13-15 AND 5-7. Is there a way around this or is the way it’s supposed to be?


I am not sure but it may be because you are using the same clip in two locations with two different tempi. What if you try creating a “new version” of the clip to use in the portion with the different tempo?

… and, in the Pool, does the clip have the correct reference tempo?

Thanks for the responses guys,

@vic_france: Yes, all clips in the pool say 140 bpm, which is the project tempo now and when I recorded. Here’s what I did. Every time I finished recording a take I would delete it immediately to avoid cluttering the project page. When I was ready to audition my takes, I pulled them out of my pool’s trash and into the pool record folder, then importing them back into the project. When you re-import it, you always have to enable musical mode for it to match the metronome.

@Jaslan: Every time I split my clip in the project window, the pools adds 1 to the Used column. My audio file is only in places where the tempo track is 140 bpm, with certain deleted sections being at 120. Maybe these screen shots will help.
Music. Mod. Deactivated.jpg
Music. Mode Enabled.jpg
Tempo Track.jpg

yes, I can see it going wrong in those screenshots. But when I tried your recipe just now, it worked perfectly here.
I can merely suggest you try the “sledgehammer approach”, and remove your Cubase Preferences folder (app data), such that Cubase rebuilds them from scratch on next launch, and see if it still happens.

[EDIT: darn it! I was in Cubase 6… I’ll have to try again…]… Cubase Essential 5.1.1, right?

Yes, in Essential 5.1.1. :slight_smile:

My poor preferences. :cry:

Well, I can confirm the problem in Cubase Essential 5.1.1.
The only way I found to get it to work (please follow this exactly… every other sequence of events seems to result in wrong tempo)…

  1. Import the audio (stay out of Musical Mode)
  2. Cut that first bar, then drag the remainder to the beginning
  3. Select the clip in the Project, and Audio menu “Bounce Selection”
  4. In the Pool, I think you’ll see that the bounced audio clip has slightly the wrong tempo! Enter the correct tempo manually.
  5. Set the clip to Musical Mode
  6. Do the desired tempo change.

Sorry it isn’t better news :wink:

Thank you for that Vic_france. I think the “Bounce Selection” is what’s helping. I’ll try different combinations and see. On multiple tempo changes, the event is getting offbeat after the gap/tempo change when straying from your exact recipe. I’ll keep this open, as I’m not sure if this will fix everything for me. Thanks again!!