Tempo change with a controller?

Hello !

I think “Tempo change” or “tempo add & sub 1” is the only feature that is not available in the list of commands and that it could be very interesting to have on a midi knob controler for example. specially on a incremental knob adding +1 or -1 on the BPM.
WHY this useful feature doesn’t exist???
please tell me that this is in the next update !


Yes it would be great performing live with my FCB1010 using the expression pedal. Let alone jamming with grove agent. Wish they had a tempo control knob in groove agent like the one in stand alone groove agent.

The Tempo Track Editor lets you record Tempo Changes with a slider while listening. But it’s nearly worthless because you don’t hear the Tempo changes in real-time while recording them. You have to stop playback/recording and then play it again to hear the changes. I’d guess that whatever prevents this being implemented in a useful manner would be a problem for a knob too.

I used to use Ableton live lite ( the free one ) just rewire it in to cubase and use ableton’s tap tempo function ( which can be controlled by midi pedals ) to control Cubase tempo in real time , it might still work it has been a while , but it used to work great !!

edit : real time tempo control with midi remote would be a great feature !!

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It’s already doable BUT only by creating a midi remote script (not by using the assistant).
Now, I know that musicians are not programmers (generally speaking), so it’s true that I think that this functionality should be added to the default commands.

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Did you find a way to bind a controller to Tempo so you can record tempo changes in realtime and hear them as you record?
Please do share!

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+1 please share any solution.

Hi mate, I probably didn’t link my answer correctly. It was for @Stone1888 's comment about generally controlling tempo. I have no idea how to record the changes made to tempo, the only thing that I see is that my controller changes the tempo without creating any points in the tempo track.

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try tempo recording in the tempo track editor , you may need to select it in the little cog for it to show up

in the attached image it is the button farthest right
Screenshot 2023-05-30 221953

image 2

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@ raino
how do you get the slider to work in tempo track ? , i used to use generic remote , i cant seem to find it in the new midi remote.
cheers .

I was just moving it with a mouse. I don’t know one way or the other if it can be assigned to an external controller. But since it doesn’t really do anything useful, kinda doesn’t matter.

It can, by assigning the knob to mouse movement after setting focus to the slider.

Exactly this :slight_smile:

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