Tempo Change

Hello, I have an imported audio track and want to change the tempo slightly. When I used Cubase 6 I just changed the tempo in the transport panel but this doesn’t work for me in 9. I have tried creating a tempo track but this doesn’t do anything when you move the tempo up and down, what am I doing wrong ?

Have you made sure to put the audio clip into Musical Mode (as opposed to Musical Time Base) before changing the tempo?

Yes it’s in musical mode

…and does the imported Audio have a tempo assigned to it?

Thanks for helping I’ve done it a memory from the past popped into my head, I remembered that you have to go into the audio pool and put a cross in the “musical” box next to the track (s) that you want to be affected by tempo change

Yes indeed, that is the “Musical Mode” from the recommendation in the 2nd post of the thread.

Glad you got it sorted out!