Tempo Change

Hi there.

I THINK this is not a feature…but I want to make sure there’s not a work around and/or maybe I’m just missing it.

I’m attempting to record a tune that starts off in a slower tempo than it ends in. So, I’d like to have the first 24 bars or so be at mm 80 and then have it jump to 135 for the rest of the tune.

Can we do that?

If so, I can’t figure it out.

Seems like a pretty basic feature to have, which is why I’m puzzled that it’s not obvious how to do it.


Hi Rob,
Right, tempo change (also called a tempo track) is not a feature of Music Studio.
This feature is more complex on a technical level than you might think, for example it requires time-stretching audio tracks.

This is a (very crude admittedly) way to achieve tempo changes if you are still looking a month and a half later. I had a song that I wanted a bunch of different tempos throughout so I saved parts of the song at its given tempo as an individual song. Basically, I would end up with a bunch of sections all cut up. Then I export them all as sound files, create a new track and line them up. If you only have 1 tempo change you would need 2 parts of the song saved separately, one at tempo 1 and one at tempo 2.