Tempo Change?

So does Cubasis now support tempo change like Auria Pro and Nanostudio 2? If so this is an instant buy … if not it’s time to move on … Cubasis 2 has been fun at times … but none of my computer DAW projects which have time signature and tempo changes can be played in Cubasis 2, Auria Pro and Nanostudio play them just fine. Man I hope Cubasis 3 does at least tempo.

Hi cloudswimmer,

Tempo/signature track remains on our list, but not yet available in Cubasis 3.


Oh, this is essential. Looking for a DAW to replace my computer, but without tempo/signature automation it’s a no go.

Looking further for options.

Thanks, cloudswimmer for asking this question. I am a professional musician and I believe that there definitely is a world outside of EDM. Still no tempo/signature track after all this years? This would have made Cubasis 3 a serious musical tool on iPad and a reason to upgrade. Seems that I will have to look elsewhere.