Tempo changed by itself

So this is odd to me, not sure if anyone else has experienced this, My mac decided to restart while I was at work and when I came home I opened up Cubase and a project I had been working on has slowed it self down from about 140 to 120bpm. I will add, I am completely new to Cubase, I am not well versed and have considered seeking out some form of lessons on how to use this, its like learning a new language.

My setup:
Helix Floor > iMac Mojave 10.14.6 > Cubase Artist 10

I should note the project Im working on has midi and its the Bpm for the entire track that has slowed.

Hi and welcome,

Did the BPM really changed? Chan you see the different Tempo value?

Or did just everything slowed down and maybe even the pitch changed? If this is the case, then the sample rate doesn’t match anymore.

It was the tempo for the all tracks, I notice the pitch had not changed for the guitars. Out of frustration I closed Cubase without saving, reset my computer, opened it up and everything was fine as it were before the tempo slowing down. Not sure what happened but sure hope it does not happen again.