Tempo changes after I minimise cubase!

So basically, I start work on a project, Set tempo, record some bass guitar, do a drum track then I minimised cubase, came back 10 mins later un minimised cubase and the tempo has slowed down! Bass recording is now a full tone lower???

This has been happening since i bought it!

Cubase 10.5 pro
Windows 10
Recording in 44khz.


This sounds as Sample Rate changes. Most probably your Audio Device changed the Sample Rate. What Audio Device do you use? Make sure your Audio Device is still set to 44.1kHz (and even before), please.

It’s a Lexicon Lambda and it’s always set to 44.1khz


Is your project set to 44.1kHz?

I mean the fact the the tempo changes and the porch changed +/- 2 semitones, this is typical 44.1 vs 48kHz issue.

Yep, All projects are set at 44.1


Sorry, I have no more idea.

Windows10 defaults to 48kHz, try setting it to 44.1kHz