Tempo changes makes cubase struggle

Hi guys,
Stumbled upon this weird behaviour today…
I try to apply a tempo change (progressive decrease in tempo) in the Tempo Track Editor but when i playback the section of the tune where i ramped the tempo, lagging starts to happen like if i had a Pentium 3…

It never happened before, and my projects are in general loaded like the one in which the problem occurs.

Buffer size shouldn’t be an issue since I run at 1024 samples.

I have 10Gb loaded in RAM on a 12Gb capable computer.

Any clue what could cause this?

are all your tracks in musical mode in the pool ?

Upgrade to a Pentium 4 or newer.

None of my audio files are in musical mode in the pool. But i do have my midi tracks set on musical mode, like i normally do on all my projects.

My system rocks, no worries. I was just comparing the lag problem to when we used to have these antique computers :wink:

Your MIDI tracks are in Musical TIMEBASE (different than Musical Mode). But anyway, do you have any delays that are being used, based on the tempo? I have found that these (especially in a ramped tempo) can put a strain on the CPU because it continually has to calculate the new delays times.
It could also be caused by your instruments using an effect that is based on the tempo. Freezing any tracks that have this should help.

Yep! I was aware of the distinction…my mistake here :slight_smile:

I tried bypassing all my effects (which BTW are only a couple of convolution reverbs from Sir2, no delays) but it didn’t make any difference on the lagging problem. I also tried soloing a concert snare track, as it has very short samples, without any reverb. The lag still appears on the tempo-ramped section…

I set my sound card at 4096 samples of buffer size… looks like i can now apply tempo ramps! My latency is now like a grand canyon echo… :laughing: