Tempo changes on tempo track going off

I have created my tempo map in Cubase and imported it to Live. Most often when i load the session and go to the song(say song XX) with the tempo change, the tempo track in XX is flat again and the tempo changes are gone. I then need to re import from the Cubase project as a new song in my existing Live project and then copy that tempo track and paste it into the XX song again. Or I need to open an earlier version where the tempo of XX is still fine, copy that track, go back to my current working project, go into XX and delete the existing tempo track and paste the copied track from the clipboard.

… can you please try again the import of your Cubase project with 2.0.12. You can download it here. We did some more improvements for the Import. Is it better?


Hey, thanks for the reply. The problem is not with the import.
My issue is that when i switch songs and come back to the song that has a tempo change, the tempo change has gone and the tempo track is flat at the starting tempo. The tempo changes randomly disappear.

… disappear? With 2.0.13? That’s strange. And you can reproduce it always? Do think it’s possible to get access to your project? Use the “Menu / File / Save Archive…” function and save it to an empty folder. Zip that one and send it to me with a PM message. And please a short desciption how I can reproduce it.

Thank you,

I’m now on 2.0.13 and it seems fine. Not able to replicate it. Will check further and keep you posted.