Tempo changes?

I am a new Groove Agent user, and I have found that if I change any tempo (when using Groove Agent with Dorico) the Groove Agent messes up. Is there a way that Groove agent will follow all of Dorico’s tempos? As I said, I am new to the program. Thanks in advance.

Open GA and Select Follow Transport

Follow Transport

Thank you. I have tried that, and the Dorico file and the Groove agent do not seem to communicate well. They seem out of sync…any ideas?

…and also, the metronome marking in groove agent does not line up with Dorico except for the initial marking. After that, it doesn’t change, should I see the numbers change?

I don’t believe that works when playing loops triggered by MIDI.

The very existence of an option to NOT follow the transport seems a bit comical. When would you NOT want to follow the transport? Is this an effort to give you the option to reliably emulate the proverbial drummer who never watches the conductor?

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