Tempo Correction Conundrum - Elements

Hi all,
I was playing randomly the other night, trying a few ideas, and didn’t have the metronome running. I was recording though and so the recording was done according to the bpm which was set at 135.

It turns out, the 5 minutes of playing that I’ve now decided I like and want to start working on, began at 80bpm and then I threw in a timing change to 138 bpm.

Is there a way within Cubase, to tell Cubase, that is what happened?

From looking around, ‘Tempo Detect’ is only available in Pro so that’s not an option. Changing the tempo track to the desired bpm changes the recorded midi along with it and makes the recording either slow or fast.

Short of learning what I played and playing it again, which is what I’ll probably do, is there a quicker way to resolve this that I can use either now or if it should happen again?