Tempo Detection Alternative?

Hey ,
I am an amateur and I am using Cubase 7 Elements to record my Guitar. Now I want to add some drums. But because I am an amateur, the tempo of my guitar varies throughout the track. So I wanted something, that helps me create drums, which adjust to my guitar tempo. I heard of the “Tempo Detection” feature in the Cubase 7 Pro version, which is exactly what I am looking for. It creates the tempo curve bases on my guitar track and a midi drum could adjust itself to the tempo variations.

BUT as a student and amateur, I can not afford 449€ to upgrade from Cubase 7 Elements to Cubase 8 Pro (I think there is not option anymore to update to Cubase 7 Pro).

Do you know, if there is an plugin or something else, which can genereate the tempo curve - based on my guitar track tempo? I am willing to pay for it, but it should be less than 50€.

Thank you all for your help.


It’s very hard to detect tempo from a single guitar track.

Why don’t you record with a metronome or drum track?

Because the tempo of the guitar track is changing very irregularly. It is very difficult for me to play along a metronom. But I am using a lot of accents in my guitar track, so a good “Tempo Detection” Software should be able to recognise the beat.