Tempo detection average tempo

Hi Guys,

I would like to have Cubase show the average tempo after detection.

That’s a great idea. When using a delay, for instance, on a track with multiple small tempo changes, you need to use fixed (non-synced) tempo. Knowing what to set that at without a lot of trial and error would be extremely convenient.

That would be useful for Cubase to do.

However you don’t need to resort to trial and error as you can easily calculate it even now.

Take the section you want to average out and figure out how many Beats are in it. For example 64 bars of 4/4 would be:

  • 64 Bars x 4 Beats/Bar = 256 Beats

Then figure out how long In Minutes that section is by subtracting the Time at the start of the first Bar from the time at the end of the last Bar - keeping in mind that 1 min and 30 sec is 1.5 minutes.

So if our example section was 2.37 minutes long then the average Tempo would be:

  • 256 Beats / 2.37 Minutes = 108.016 bpm

Moving on to story problems - If a train is traveling to a crescendo at 112 bpm and the conductor sneezes on the downbeat of bar 57 adding an extra 1/16 note how many bars will it take to blame the violin section…?