Tempo detection done = NEW TOOL 'detection to fixed'


i use studio one to make an mp3 of famous song from iTunes eg. peter gabriel song, i import it into cubase: right! what I want to do is get the tempo so i go to tempo detection = cool i have sorted it with tempo detection so that I’ve got a click metronome on each 1/4 beat… … … … - but really what i want to do now is tell cubase 'hey now i want that 1/4 note metronome tempo track to automatically change the audio track i did the tempo detection on time stretch each 1/4 note to align with eg. 100bpm – so that i can use it to jam over on a static fixed tempo.


if dempo detection went well and all done,select the audio event then go to Audio menu=> advanced ->set definition from tempo and chose the “write definition to audio file” option
now the audio file has the tempo data embedded and you can change the projects tempo to your need and audio file will follow

wow! tHANKS! i will try it right now!