Tempo detection for MIDI - wow!

The vid example showed a MIDI piano passage being used to automatically generate a tempo map, wow!

If that works reasonably accurately, it will be a huge time saver for me.

Agree, that this is a nice feature. I use the audio tempo detection all the time, which has worked wonders on all the music stuff I have , recorded without any form of sync / metronome :slight_smile:

So, has anybody had a chance to try this out yet? The piano piece in the video they showed looks quite simple, I wonder if it would do as good a job of detecting the tempo on a more complicated piano piece (MIDI) …

I just gave it a real wobbly piece of piano noodle about 16 seconds long. Works pretty damned well. Added guitar, bass and kit and it all locked in nicely. As it says it might not be that efficient on smooth flowing strings or pads etc. Needs some regular peaks to latch onto.
It probably won’t work out the time signatures if anyone’s wondering.

Wow, how exciting! Thanks for the heads up!

I gave it a try, it works, but still I need to do some justifying.

Just found another use for this. If you do tempo detection, set your time signature and key then you will find a legible Score will also be apparent in the Score Editor, so if you need to print it out for later or whatever it should be pretty much correct.
I haven’t so far, tried anything very complex though as this is just a heads up.