Tempo detection, group track, resize audio, mediabay scrollspeed.

First of all Cubase 9 Pro is a amazing DAW! I really like the workflow. There are some things that I am not really satisfied with at the moment. I have found most of my desired functions in order to create my music through reading forums. I have a list of a couple of things I can’t seem to find on forums. I am trying to get the most out of this amazing DAW.

Please correct me if i’m wrong.
Is there a way to detect tempo of a audio file with a one button click? Instead of calculating the beats. I am currently using manual beat calculators and calculators for target bpm when pitching down samples in semitones to eventually stretch back to the original tempo of the audio file. This way of working takes up alot of time.
I know there is musical mode for audio files which work really good! But the downside of that is that it won’t tell you the original tempo of the audio file. There is also a tempo detection for audio whiles which need to be atleast 7 seconds. I haven’t really found a way to make it really work. When I analyze the audio it will always tell me that the tempo changes in parts of the song. The hit markers are almost always very randomly placed. The divide functions don’t really work good aswell. So in order to use it you basically always have to manually adjust the hit markers which takes up too much time. In FL studio there is a one button option called detect tempo. It basically scans the track quickly and tells your the exact tempo. It worked like a charm. I was wondering if there is any function like that in Cubase 9 Pro. I don’t want to detect tempo of music that contains alot of tempo shifts. I want to detect mostly electronic quantized music tempo tracks.

Is there a way to place a group track automatically under a existing audio track instead of sorting it at the ‘group tracks’ folder? When I right click on a existing audio track called ‘Sound’ for example, add track > add group track it will place right under ‘Sound’. Or when I group multiple tracks to one group through the mixer, that it will sort the same.

Is there a way to resize audio file content like the option Resize applies timestretch, but then making the audio file longer and pitching down instead of time stretching the audio file. This could be handy to know how long your audio file will be when pitching down in semitones.

And is there a way to increase the scroll speed in the media bay. Or make it as fine working as the Windows 10 scrolling mechanism. This is just a small detail.

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Colin Dales


  1. Yes, select the Audio event in the project, and use Project > Tempo Detection.

  2. Yes. In the Add Group Channel Track dialog, the last field: Group Channels Folder: set it to Create Outside Folder.

  3. Not this way. But you can apply Audio > Process > Pitch Shift. In the Pitch Shift Settings set Transpose to 1 (1 semitone), and disable Time Correction in the Algorithm Settings. Click Process. The Audio event is processed and you can see the length.

  4. No.


Thank you for the quick response. I already said some things about function in Project > Tempo Detection. It doesn’t really work well in my opinion. Isn’t there any other way for Tempo Detection with one button.

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