Tempo detection - I will pay someone to help me!

I will pay someone to make me a video of how to solve this!

I can’t get my head around this. Am I asking too much of Cubase, or am I just too dumb to make this work?!?!
Shouldn’t this be a “simple task” for Cubase to do???

Usual scenario:
I want to easily make Cubase detect the tempo of a live recording. Not weird stuff, rhythmical with clear transients.

Specific example here:
I sample this performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlhcBRoo688&hd=1
(Obviously this rhythm should be around BMP 102 or so).
I cut it up so first beat (beginning of this music) is at the very first beat in Cubase - left locator same position.
I hit Project - Tempo detection - Analyze.

Cubase always makes a tempo track that starts with a 1/4 signature, I change that on the signature track to 4/4, but the the tempo track is still way off in the song. I mess around with hit points. Makes it all worse :frowning:

What am I doing wrong here? Please help me.

I suspect that audio will be too complex for reliable automatic tempo detection. The best option from my experience will be to tap it out midi notes on a separate track as you listen to the audio. Then use Cubase Merge Tempo from Tapping to create an appropriate tempo track. You can then make that the tempo definition for the audio file and after that you are free to do what ever you want to the tempo with the audio in musical mode and it will follow along. I’ve used this to straighten out some errant irregularities in timing when working with live audio and it works a treat.

The article that got me going can be found here:

It’s followed by another on the method you are currently using as well:

I hope that helps.



That sounds pretty complex - especially the sections where the accents are a sixteenth note ahead of the downbeat. Sometimes the drums have the transients; sometimes the voice; sometimes the guitar. Cubase may be able to detect smaller sections of the song. Try cutting and selecting just a few bars. It will take some hand crafting (and robw’s suggestion is a good one).