Tempo Detection in 5/4


I have a piece of music in 5/4 I like to use tempo detection on. My problem is the tool works great beside it can’t handle 5/4 time signature. So now I have a metronome that goes 4 beats against 5 beats. So 4 beats spread out of 1 5/4 bar. You can change the tempo detection tool into 3/4 and 2/4 but thats it. And the tempo goes a little up and down so it should´nt just be exactly the same tempo all the way.

Any idea how to change 4 beat to 5 beats in the tempo tool having the same tempo changes ?

Change the time signature in the tempo track after analyzing…?

That won’t work, because the detection tool divides the 5/4 bar as a 4/4 bar. So if the detction tool says 120bpm the real tempo is (120bpm/4)*5 = 150bpm. So if I just change the tempo it won’t fit.

I´m maybe misunderstanding you, but you are telling me, that 120 bpm are faster in 5/4 than they are in 4/4…? :confused:
Here tempo detection creates 1/4 divisions / time signatures, which can then be set to any given time signatures. And since the analysis is in 1/4, the tempo is the same, no matter what time signature used. I just tried this, and it works quite well here
Only thing I can see a problem, is when the detection misses a beat, but since you say it works great, that does not seem to be your problem.

No the tempo detection tool take the down beat on every 1 in the 5/4 bar and generates a tempo as it is a 4/4 bar and therefore to slow. So the metronome runs polyrytmic 4 beats against 5 !

If you want, you can try yourself with this attached file.
5-4 Tempo Detection.mp3 (224 KB)

Sounds like 6/8 to me, not 5/4.

In any case, once you do the tempo detection you can use the Process Bars dialog (in the Tempo Editor or on the signature track) to fit the grid to the audio. Then you will end up with the correct tempo and barlines.

You’ll use Reinterpret to recalculate the bars as 6/8, 5/4 or whatever you want.

To me too…
Tempo detection - Result multiply by 3/4 - set time signature to 6/8 - Done

Sorry guys, it is for sure in 5/4. And I find it very hard to change 4 to 5 with 3/4 (0,75) and 4/3(1,33) addition.

Are you sure we are listening to the same clip?

Regardless, the Process Bars dialog will move the grid and keep the relative tempos.

Please listen, it is 6/8.

To me it is 6/8.

dotted quarter note ≅ 65bpm

That’s why I’m wondering if the uploaded clip is the right clip. The OP is a composer…

When I use the tempo detection tool it works out the tempo as 1/4 bars, so when I change the timesig to 5/4 , 7/4 of whatever the higher beep then appears on the bar rather than every 1/4 beat. So it works well here!

That clip is in 5/something, if the ‘harp’ chords represent the first beat of each bar. Could be 5/8 or 5/4

It is for sure in 5/4, I uploaded a little more of the song. Now it should be obvius, it is in 5.
5-4 Tempo Detection 2.mp3 (850 KB)

This I answered above, did you try it?

After the Tempo Detection tool has analyzed the file it changes the tempo track to 1/4. But tempo detection tool takes the down beat on every 1 in the 5/4 bar and generates a tempo as it is a 4/4 bar and therefore to slow.

So when I change the tempo track from 1/4 to 5/4 the tempo is still wrong. The tempo is around 124-129 bpm. but should be around 157 bpm.

So I guess not.

The problem with the file is, the detection does not work correctly, which was what I asked before. If the detection worked correctly, it would detect any beat, and therefore map the correct tempos - since the detection maps 1/4 it is no problem to switch it to 5/4. Since it skips one beat, then of course the tempo is not correct, and you can not map the (incorrect) 1/4 tempo to 5/4 . But that is because the detection does not work correctly for the file. Take a 5/4 file with a detectable beat, and it will work.
You´ll probably have to do it manually.