Tempo detection off a midi track?

Ok so Ive normally set the tempo track first…but lately Ive been laying down midi tracks and want to set the tempo based off simple midi drum beats Ive laid down.

If this is a commonly asked question im sorry…I know how to tempo detect audio tracks and, again, usually lay down the tempo and click track first; however, I’ve been kinda just freestyling drum beats lately and dont wanna necessarily follow/set a click track while I’m “in the moment”


The beat calculator can give you the average tempo of a selection of notes.

Well actually once I use the Beat Calculator, and then set the tempo of the track based on its results, it changes the tempo of the midi track :frowning:

Is there a way to adjust the tempo track but have the midi data stay at the same speed? Kind of like a “Dont adjust midi when changing tempo track” function/button lol? When I watch this tutorial…


…theyre using an audio file and the audio STAYS the same tempo, only the tempo track behind it changes once using BC.

I hope this makes sense…maybe I have to just go back and set tempo tracks first >:(

Thanks though!!

You need to put the MIDI track in Time Linear mode instead of Musical mode for it to not follow tempo changes.

If it’s a free recorded track, you should enable Hitpoints have Q points and set the tempo by making a groove template from the hitpoints.

Worked great!! Thanks for reply…sorry just getting back to this.

^What do u mean by this though? Enable hitpoints on a MIDI part? Done that with audio plenty but never on MIDI. I’ll try it when I get home but I may need more info lol. Is this method better or different than Beat Calculator?