Tempo Detection on long tracks?


I was trying to use tempo detection on a 9 minutes salsoul classic disco tune and tempo detection just work on the first few bars and then it looses completely the rhythm.
Since the audio material has so much “groovin’” i was wondering if this is normal.

The only work around was to chop and do the detection piece by piece (around 25 parts).

I recall that on Cubase 5 i used to move manually the ruler to fit the audio tempo.So Cubase will follow the song.

Is this feature has gone?

Thanks in advance

Win 7 ultimate 64
Cubase 64

I’ve found Tempo detection results very variable.

You can still use the same function as you did on C5 to create a tempo map. It’s called Time Warp…check the manual for instructions on setting Cubase to follow freely recorded audio.

Depends how sharp your transients are. You can also “Merge tempo from tapping” but I’d have split the track for that too.

Precisely the Time Warp!
I was confusing it with the Audio Warp.

We´ll see more refinements and improves on the tempo detection for sure,which is btw a very fine tool.

Thanks Mate