Tempo detection problem. From 4 beat/bar to 1beat/bar

Couldn’t find other solutions so I posted this.

I imported a drum loop and wanted to get the BPM so I did tempo detection, and every time I do this, I get the bars matched up strange.

Before tempo detection, I had 4 beats per bar, but after I do tempo detection, it is 1 beat per bar.

So result is that I have to follow the song very fast because of the speed it runs on the screen from left to right, and also the bars to a song becomes extremely long (If I had a 100 bar song originally, after tempo detection, it becomes 400 bars long!).

I have been having ??? marks in my head for a while :ugeek: any solutions?

Change the time signature to 4/4 on the signature track that was created along side the tempo track.

Maybe use the media bay to import loops ?

In the mediabay you can find the loops orignal tempo. It then can be imported and aligned to fit the project tempo.

Thanks Megacon for the fast reply :slight_smile:

Yes you gave me a hint, I opened a signature track and the signature was 1/4 and I changed it to 4/4 and problem solved!

Thanks :angry: