Tempo Detection Problem

hi there, i am messing around with some old 4 track recordings i have imported the the 4 tracks of one song into cubase 6. one of the tracks of the songs has a drum machine track which is a regular disco type groove with hi hats doing 16`s and a few tom fills and a few off beat bass drums but genrally the bass drum is pretty constant on the 1, the tempo detection tool seems to have found the beat ok with the first part of the track, but loses it about half way through the song ,it could be the tom rolls which may have confused it .is there any way around this problem.

Worst comes to worst, the Time Warp tool is always a good standby. I use it all the time, and it’s not as tedious as it might seem like it would be, and you can put the beat EXACTLY where you want it.

Otherwise - could you gate the track so the toms don’t come through and send the gated track to Cubase for tempo detection (assuming the Toms are lower level?).

thanks for your reply , the toms are very much the same volume if not louder than the bass drum , i have thought about doing it by hand with the time warp tool ,i just wonderd if there was any settings that may acomodate for a busy drum track with the tempo detection tool, i`ll have a look at filtering some things. thanks for your suggestions

Also try using the auto detectoion tools section by section (just cut up the detected track with the sissors)
Then if a section does not map on auto just do that bit by hand and the carry on using auto, this can save you some time.


good thinking ,thanks.