Tempo Detection question

Just started using this feature, very handy for edits of old stuff.
Just would like to know if its possible to use the tool to flatten the audio to a set tempo aswell?
For instance an old disco tune from tape, could i use this feature to then set the entire track to 115 or would i have to warp it all manual?
As the smooth button always seems to be grey’d out
Many thanks

The smooth tempo thing is something else entirely…it doesn’t change the track at all…only the tempo marker positions.

This should do what you want.

  1. Run tempo detection
  2. Hit Ctrl/A to select all audio (or just select if one track)
  3. Got to Audio/Advanced & Set definition from Tempo (allow it to set tracks to musical timebase)
  4. Switch the tempo track off & adjust the tempo to what you want.

Note that as the tempo detection finds every beat, doing this may suck the feel out of any track that isn’t straight on the beat…in this case you are better off creating the tempo map manually with a tab every bar or few bars so the feel between changes is kept intact.

Thanks Grim,
Ill give this a go

Many thanks! :smiley:

Grim - Hey, you rock, I thank you, too. :smiley:

Hi… I have attempted to add my own tempo changes numerous times. Somehow I just don’t succeed. Could “adding a tab” on particular bars be explained further… Or point me to a section of the Cubase 6 manual that addresses this process?


Look up Warp Tabs.