Tempo detection - smooth tempo?


I like the new tempo detection from Cubase 6 and 7, however one thing is strange:

I am sure the audio snippet I get analyzed has a steady tempo, e.g 138 bpm only.
As a result, the Project > Tempo Detection function makes some jumps and spikes between 135-141 bpm.

Manual says that all I need is to switch on the “Smooth Tempo” option to eliminate jumps and getting the steady tempo.

But the “Smooth Tempo” option is always greyed out! I can NOT select this option.

How to make “smooth tempo” working?


Anyone who tried this feature?

Did you select points?

Why use tempo detection if you know the tempo? :confused:

Before I use this function, I’d like to test it to make sure it delivers precise results. Jumping the tempo up and down at song with steady tempo is suspious to say the least. Hence I am testing it on one of my song.

Did you mean to select the tempo track points? Yes, I tried, but nothing changed.